This was the official website for the Full Moon Horror Convention & Film Festival. The content below is from the Full Moon Horror Convention & Film Festival  2007 archived pages.

About Green Grass Entertainment
Green Grass Entertainment is an Arkansas-based company specializing in promotions, events, and concerts. The company books the entertainment at Vino’s brewpub, Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom, and the Village in Little Rock. The company is also responsible for the Arkansas Inksplosion tattoo show in partnership with Inkjunkys of Conway, and promotes concerts in other Arkansas markets as well.

About Full Moon Features
Led by B-movie producer Charles Band, Full Moon Features is an industry leader in the direct to home video market. Full Moon Features has distribution agreements in place with Warner Brothers digital distribution. Full Moon movies can be found at Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, on cable and satellite television systems, and through direct-to-video sales outlets.


CIRCA 2007

Film Festival Address:

Market Street Theater
1521 Merrill Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205



LITTLE ROCK, AR, September 10, 2007- Green Grass Entertainment has announced Arkansas’ first Horror Convention and Film Festival to be held at the Statehouse Convention Center and Market Street Cinema from October 26th through 28th, 2007.

Major attractions include dozens of horror-genre celebrities, including Linda Blair (the Exorcist), Michael Berryman (Weird Science/The Hills Have Eyes), P.J. Soles (Carrie/Halloween/Stripes), Shawnee Smith (TV’s “Becker”/Saw I-IV), the three female leads of Rob Zombie’s new Halloween movie (Scout Compton-Taylor, Danielle Harris, and Kristina Klebe), and more than twenty other horror celebrities. Celebrities appearing at the show will be available for autographs and photos throughout the weekend. In addition to the many celebrity appearances, other show attractions include a 3,000 square foot haunted house, sideshow performances, live music performances, independent horror films, costume contests, collectibles and memorabilia for sale, magicians, clowns, and more. Late night screenings of classic horror movies will take place at Market Street Cinema. The only existing un-cut 35mm print of Re-Animator will be shown on Saturday night with star Jeffrey Combs and Director Stuart Gordon in attendance. The Film Festival features horror movies from around the world and the winning feature film entry receives the grand prize of a distribution deal through Full Moon Features.

Tickets are available online at A number of Arkansas businesses also have tickets available and can be found on the website ticket link. For more information, call the info line at 501-681-7552 or visit the website FAQs. Six different ticket options are available. Tickets range from $15 for a one-day film festival pass to the $150 VIP Pass. Less than 250 VIP Passes are available. VIP passes include admission to the Horror Con and Film Festival for all three days, plus the celebrity autograph of their choice, a celebrity dinner at Juanita’s, a free concert at Juanita’s, free passes to the Haunted House, early access to the show, and admission to all special event screenings.

The Legacy Hotel has been named the official convention hotel and has offered a 20% discount to all Full Moon Horror Convention guests. For a complete list of celebrity guests and more 



Seeing the content from the 2007 Full Moon Horror Convention & Film Festival was such a kick. It brought back loads of great memories. I was so inspired I decided to look for and successfully found a bunch of photos I had taken when I attended . A group of us and driven from NYC to Little Rock, Arkansas. It was my first time in that city and state. There we were dressed in our best horror film attire, ghoulish makeup and jewelry. I was wearing one of my signature studded choker necklaces. Jump ahead a decade later and I still wear choker collar necklaces, but my fashion direction has now move to a more refined, but still quirky sensibility. I am lucky to be a sales person for an online company that sells Italian contemporary dining furniture. We've had our share of high drama lately because of Google searches, of all things. Searches in Google for the company name revealed a mistaken drug bust of the owner. The cops had the wrong address and he was mistakenly arrested. The news item states this, but the headline in Google is "Store owner involved in bungled drug bust" which really doesn't clear him. Customers are alarmed and orders started falling off. He's suing the publisher. This feels like a real life horror show. But in the meantime he's hired a high tech internet hit team who is going to take down that harmful search result using search engine optimization. They're expensive but we finally started seeing the benefit after what seemed like too long a wait. Orders are picking up again. Yes indeed, it was a real life horror show, and we hope the monster stays down.

Although the Full Moon Horror Convention & Film Festival is no longer with us, I have discovered another great festival that is held in Nashville, TN called the Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival. It is described as reveling in the frightening, relishing in the weird and just so happens to attract some of the finest tattoo artists in the country. Each year in April, film stars and highly esteemed tattoo artists gather for three days of horror film screenings, costume contests and tattoo competitions. Sounds like my type of festival. See you there.


Full Moon Horror Convention & Film Festival Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are you accepting film and screenplay submissions for the 2007 show?
A: Yes!

Q: What are the prizes for the winners?
A: Among the prizes for our winners – a distribution deal for the winning feature film. The winning short will be included as a special feature on a future release of a Full Moon Features DVD. Trophies and cash prizes shall also be awarded to all winners.

Q: What are the guidelines regarding graphic content?
A: None – or almost none. Anything illegal is absolutely out and will be turned over to local authorities – but beyond that, we’re game! Keep in mind that while we may (or may not) enjoy the most twisted entries – we will be keeping our audience in mind when selecting films to screen – anything too hardcore will probably be kept from public viewing.

Q: Can the public attend the film festival?

Q: Does it cost to get in?
A: YES! Check out the ticket link on the front page for more information.

Q: Are all the special guests guaranteed to be present at the convention?
A: All guests advertised are confirmed and under agreement to appear at the show. However, due to scheduling conflicts, emergencies, and/or a number of potentially more lucrative opportunities (i.e. to make a movie) – we do not guarantee the presence of guests.

Q: Do celebrity guests charge for autographs?
A: In most cases, yes. Plan to bring extra cash for celebrity autographs. A special photo booth will also be set up for some of our featured celebrities. In general, it is best to assume the autographs & photos will cost you – and you can be pleasantly surprised if they don’t.

Q: I have an awesome original action figure still in the box – I want a celebrity to sign it.  Am I allowed to bring it to the show?
A: Yes! Most celebrities charge for autographs.  They also typically charge less to sign your item as opposed to buying a picture or merchandise from them.

Q: How much do celebrities charge for autographs?
A: Anywhere from FREE to $20 for an autographed photo or merchandise purchased from the celebrity.

Q: Is the event wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes!

Q: Are there any discounted tickets available?
A: Yes! The ticket link lists advance ticket prices. Buying in advance can save you anywhere from $5.00 to $25.00 per person!

Q: Can I bring my camera to the show?
A: Yes! You may bring your cameras and video cameras.  Most celebrities are willing to get their picture taken with you for free.  Please be courteous and ask permission before taking a celebrity’s photograph or video footage. 

Q: Can I leave and come back again?
A: Yes – if you have a 1-day pass, you may re-enter as many times as you like for that day.  A weekend pass will allow you to re-enter all weekend long. 



October 19 , 2007 - We thought of something fun to do for Sunday October 28th at the convention! We are going to let in kids 12 & Under for FREE all day on Sunday to Trick-or-Treat at all the vendor booths and celebrity tables! We hope to encourage a great day of dress-up with an opportunity to polish up those trick-or-treating skills before Halloween. Bring out the little ones for a day of fun at the convention center!

Buy a weekend pass in advance and receive the Trancers Box Set! The Trancers collection is a 5-disc Full Moon classic set featuring Helen Hunt and Tim Thomerson that retails for $65. Pick up your advance tickets online or at any ticket outlet and claim your FREE box set at the Horror Convention Box Office.

First Annual Zombie Walk
LITTLE ROCK, AR – Come to Governor’s Hall II at the Statehouse Convention Center between 2:00pm and 5:00pm on Thursday, October 25th to join in the first annual Rivermarket Zombie Walk. Special effects artists and make-up artists will be helping volunteers perfect their zombie costumes with realistic looking flesh FX, blood, and face make-up. To join in the fun, all you need to do is:

E-mail to express your interest in participating.
1. Pick up your route map from the group leader at the statehouse convention center.
2. Abide by all street signs, signals, and laws – and stay on the sidewalks!
3. Party with the Zombies at a Rivermarket location to be named later.

Film crews and cameras will be set up along the way, so please be sure to follow all instructions if you’d like to see yourself on a special edition DVD video about the zombie walk!

August 22, 2007 - Michale Graves, former frontman of the Misfits, will be playing at Juanita’s on Saturday, October 27th.  Platinum VIP pass holders will get free admission to the show.  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased through Michale will also be screening his film at Market Street Cinema, and will be available at the convention to sign autographs.  For more on Michale Graves, visit his Myspace page at


August 17, 2007 - Comcast, AMC and the Arkansas Red Cross will be handing out Monsterfest Spider Soap to everyone that donates blood at the Full Moon Horror Convention.  The Arkansas Red Cross is asking for your help in donating blood at the “Vein Drain” on October 26th out in front of the Statehouse Convention Center during the opening day of the convention.  AMC's Monsterfest, back for its 11th scary year, will terrorize your television with scream-inducing films!  AMC is on Comcast channel 60.


The 2007 Full Moon Horror Convention and Film Fest Winners!


Best Feature Film:  "It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want To" - Tony Wash

Feature Film Runner Up:  "Backwoods Bloodbath" - Donn Kennedy

Feature Film Second Runner Up:  "Last Getaway" - Patrick Clinton

Best Short Film:  "Of Darkness" - Gary Irwin

Short Film Runner Up:  "Host" - H. Wolfgang Porter

Short Film Second Runner Up:  "Meter Maid Me Massacre" - Cecil B. Feeder

Best Super Short: "Checking In" - Dave Lesinski

Super Short Runner Up: "Siren" - Robin Anson

Super Short Second Runner Up:  "Dark Vision" - Rebecca Jones